Love playing games? Don't worry, with this, you will never need to play again!

Made by someone who loves Stardew Valley, but was bored out of his mind, this bot will make your life easier, when you didn't even ask for it!

At this moment, the bot does not work. Only the data collecting module and the bug reporting tool works.

See tips, how it works and more at the github wiki!

Want to do it yourself? Go offline.

With this bot you have the option to do everything offline. We allow you to train your own model for it without needing to create an account or connecting to the internet.

Also, if you do send data to our servers to help train the bot, you can manage it all on the "ranking" page while logged in.

Please donate you hard-earned money. This was hard to do.

This website costs $6 per month to stay online. Please help us, as we are poor starving Brazilian students.

Just click the button on the navigation bar to donate via PayPal and you will receive a nice emoji next to your username.